Frequently Asked Questions

Help i can't find X mod

If you can't find a mod you want, you can contact me below and request a mod to be added in the client via Email or via Twitter
Please note that you can scroll in the tabs in the mod gui, so make sure you have looked for the mod and that it is missing.

There is a problem with the lighting

In the client press ESC > Options > Video Settings > Other and click "Reset Video Settings", then just restart the client (Close it and reopen it).

The gui is too big

Set your gui scale to normal, to do this press ESC > Video Settings then click the "Gui Scale" button until it says "Normal", you can also left click the "Gui Scale" button in the mod gui.

No sound ?

Press F3+T to get sound working, it's a issue with Minecraft and not Aristois related, F3+T reloads the resources packs and sound.

I can't download the donation version

If you're not able to download the donation edition after you've donated, please contact us via Email or via Twitter and we will help you out within 48 hours. If you want the donation edition, you can get it by donating.

What is this "IRC" chat ?

The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a chat that allows you to talk to other users of Aristois, the chat is global, even works on singleplayer. Servers cannot see this chat.

Can't find what you're looking for ?

You can always contact us via Email or via Twitter if you can't find the help you need here.