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All donations are done through PayPal.

Amount: €8 EUR once

All your info is sent using secure SSL, we do not publish your info anywhere, no one will be able to see that you have donated (Except if you use the IRC chat, but your name is hidden there.). You will not get banned from any server by donating.

This is fully automated meaning you will get the perks of donating instantly after.

Why donate ?

You can show your support and donate here, those who donate get over 13 more mods for a one time charge of €8 EUR, that's like 1 mod per 60 cents. Donating also helps this client grow and stay alive, we really appreciate every euro we receive.

Here are some of the things you get when donating:

  • Anti-Crash – Prevents servers from crashing you with particles
  • Better-Entity-Ride – Allows you to ride horses without a saddle
  • Anti-Hunger – Slows down hunger
  • Super-Reach – Hit players over 20 blocks away
  • BaseFinder – Helps you find bases
  • CaveFinder – Helps you find caves
  • CrashItem – Creates a nametag that will crash other players
  • Deadmau5 Ears – Get the same ears as Deadmau5 has!
  • MultiAura – Attack multiple entites at once
  • TeleportAura – Teleport around your target, making it harder for them to attack you
  • VClip – Teleport up to 10 blocks up and down
  • NoClip – Walk through blocks
  • Custom IRC Prefix – Get a custom prefix in the Aristois IRC chat
  • Bypass – No more to download the latest updates

But most important of all, you help us grow and support the development of this client and for that we are forever thankful.