Aristois Changelogs

Build 107

Various bug fixes
Added lightning mod (Get pos of lightning)

Build 162

Added HorseJump
Added .panic (Disables all mods)
Tweaked default settings
Fixed some bugs

Build 161

Added BlockESP
Fixed XRay crash
Various bug fixes

Build 160

Added AutoSign
Various bug fixes

Build 159

Added Jetpack mod
Fixed Flight breaking creative-fly
Fixed .rules not working for some people
Various bug fixes

Build 158

Added .give command
Added .rotate command
Added .rules command for the IRC
Added hostile mobs only mode for the killaura
Removed IRC donate message from the IRC (For donors)
Various bug fixes

Build 157

Added rainbowenchant mod
.enchant now doesn't apply bad enchants
Fixed unfocusedcpu not working
Enabled the player option in tracers by default
Minor UI changes
Various bug fixes

Build 155

Added Inventory++
Added MurderMysteries
Fixed server disconnect issues
Various bug fixes

Build 152

Fixed macros not working
Fixed horsefly/boatfly not working
Added .server command
Added nether cords in hud
Various minor bug fixes

Build 151

Updated to latest Optifine
Improved performance
Fixed bugs

Build 149

This is a full remake of Aristois

Build 148

Fixed IRC colors not working
The IRC will now automatically respond to common questions
Various bug fixes

Build 147

Made the active mods list RGB
Fixed ESP not outlining animals
Updated to latest Optifine
Tons of bug fixes
Added automatic updater for donors

Build 146

Added AntiTotemAnimation
Fixed AutoTotem glitch
Updated to Minecraft 1.12.1

Build 145

Improved AutoTotem (Now uses offhand)
Updated to Minecraft 1.12.1

Build 144

Updated to Minecraft 1.12.1

Build 143

Added regen
Fixed waypoints
Fixed flight speed
Fixed fastbreak
Fastbreak now works in creative as well
Fixed fishing rods not working
Added team detection for killaura (Beta)
Added customizable speed for regen
Various bug fixes

Build 142

UI Updates
Fixed XRay blocks not being updated
Fixed AutoSprint trying to sprint in chat
Fixed some crashes
Various bug fixes

Build 141

Added scaffoldwalk
Added capes (For donors)
Added Anti-AFK
Fixed auto-totem description
Fixed crashes
Fixed some mods not loading
Various bug fixes

Build 140

Fixed lag when breaking blocks
Bug fixes

Build 139

Some nice UI updates
Changed mod categories
Bug fixes

Build 138

Moved to injection (Bypass MC EULA)

Build 134

Added realms support for 1.12 (When realms update to 1.12)

Build 133

UPDATED Aristois TO Minecraft 1.12!

Build 132

Fixed anti-slowness options
Fixed spacing in gui

Build 131

You can now pin your favorite mods
Added gui colors
Added more options to anti-slowness
Fixed some crashes
Various bug fixes

Build 130

Added shadow to text
Fix crashes
Fix some gui bugs
Fix tab laggy tab movement
Various bug fixes

Build 129

A LOT of bug fixes
Redid the text renderer, no more whiteness

Build 128

Added nether/overworld coordinate converter to hud
Possible fix for text render issues
Bug fixes

Build 127

Added back max mods setting
Added back mod description on hover
Bug fixes

Build 126

Added a server finder
New client mod menu
Make InventoryWalk work in the client mod menu
Moved radar to the GUI category
Bug fixes

Build 125

Fixed triggerbot not working with invisible entities
Redid some of the client commands
Various bug fixes

Build 124

Fixed .say
Fixed .annoy
BHop no longer activates in chat
Removed .build, added version to .update
Fixed IRC related crash
Fixed .drop not dropping offhand
Made BetterNameTags resizable
You can now attack invisible entities with *aura

Build 123

Added anti particle crash mod [For donators only]
Added no saddle mod [For donators only]
Fixed active mods list lag
Added chest count to chest esp

Build 122

This update fixes a critical bug in
Aristois build 121 and below. (Mods now showing)

Build 121

Fixed *aura behind walls setting
*aura now doesn't attack your wolf pet
Added automatic death waypoints
Fixed IRC chatcolor
Added Anti-AFK

Build 120

UI Fixes
Added new radar
Fixed nuker block selection not working
All bugs reported in build 119 fixed

Build 119

Fixed MCLeaks not working
Added reach
Added jetpack
Fixed freecam flight speed bug
Fixed crashing when using pressing tab in commands
Added private messaging in the IRC
All bugs reported in build 116-118 fixed

Build 118

Fixed auto-eject
Fixed macros

Build 117

Added phase
Fixed armor-hud not rendering right

Build 116

This is a full recode of the entire client aimed to make the client more stable and better
This version is also based on the latest optifine

Some notable changes:

Auto-Tool now reverts back to your old slot
The active mods list now has animations
The hud has been reworked
Fixed rendering issues underground with freecam
Inventory-Walk now uses your set keys, not hardcoded WASD
Auto-Eat now works while killaura is enabled
NoFall now gives you a warning about elytras
Fullbright now has animations when turning on
AntiBlind now removes more effects in a more efficient way
The mod gui tabs now has fading rgb colors (This can be toggled)
BlockESP has been reworked to be less laggy
Screensharemode now gives a clearer message when turned on
Auto-Disconnect now turns off after you've been disconnected
Prophunt ESP and tracer has been moved into a "Minigames" category
Safewalk lagging back has been fixed
Auto-Totem will now protect you in pvp too
Armor-Hud will change position based on your gamemode
Added horse-fly
Added a lot more commands
Fixed rendering issues
Jesus has been remade so it now feels like walking on a solid block
You can now walk on Lava with Jesus without taking any damage
Some mods has been renamed
Fastbreak now works
Skin-Blinker delay now works
Mods can now turn off other mods that will interfere
Fixed gui settings progressbars overfilling
Goto command removed for now
You can now set multiple blocks for ghosthand
Ghosthand now has a gui for selecting blocks
You can now use speed with a horse
You can now walk on water with horses using Jesus
Command completion now gives the description of the command
MessageMovement has been remade to broadcast all key presses
Removed useless warning messages from ChestFinder, BaseFinder and BlockESP
Tweaked block scan intervals for less lag
Fixed color issues in hotbar/hand after using ESP mods
Fixed donation mods turning off after client restart
Updated MCLeaks messages
You can now set the gui color to any rgb value

Build 115

Added *aura FOV setting
New triggerbot bypass for servers like CubeCraft
Some UI changes
Various bug fixes

Build 114

Important bug fixes
Spelling mistake fixes
Fixed macro commands bug

Build 113

Fixed all auras
Added more aura settings
You can now hold your mouse on settings to increase/decrease
Bug fixes

Build 112

Updated UI's
Complete redesign of the macro manager
(ESC > Aristois Menu > Macros)
Some new events for plugin developers
Added more settings for external chat
Fixed IRC prefix now showing in external chat
Bug fixes

Build 111

Big UI changes
You can now mute players
Plugin support
Big bug fixes

Build 110

BHop now works on servers like 2b2t
Removed decimals from position in hud
Freecam now restores your yaw and pitch
Freecam now stops any movement on return
Fixed misspelling in some mod descriptions
Antislowness now prevents slowdown on soulsand
Various bug fixes

Build 109

Various minor bug fixes
Waypoints are now server specific
Fixed XRay not rendering all blocks
Fixed XRay rendering non-selected blocks
Timer now remebers what value you set it to
Minor gui fixes in the friends/waypoints managers
Fixed Screensharemode crash when enabled via .toggle
Stopped ChatSpammer auto turning on when the text is set

Build 108

Fixed coordinates bug
Fixed Screensharemode

Build 106

Minor bug fix

Build 105

Important bug fixes
ActiveMods list now adapt to achievements
Various bug fixes

Build 104

Added breadcrumbs mod
Fixed download issue for donation version
Various bug fixes

Build 103

Fixed horse health texture
Various bug fixes

Build 102

Ping now updates regularly
Added IRC users to the mini hud
Trimmed TPS to 2 decimals
Fixed text duplication on hud when elytra on
Added PlayWithProtocol
Re-Themed some screens
OpenGL fixes
Fixed darkness when pressing F1
Fixed IRC DM crash
Various bug fixes

Build 101

Added Twerk Mod
Added Walls-Pass Mod (Donators Only)
Added a way to toggle the miniplayer
Added some commands
Fixed Elytra Render Glitch
Various bug fixes

Build 100

Fixed # duplication in IRC GUI
Added server TPS to hud
Added a mini player preview in the hud
Fixed chatspam crash
Fixed Annoy
Various bug fixes

Build 99

Fixed IRC issues
Added Super Reach Mod (Donators Only)
Added Capes and Elytra Skins for everyone
Various bug fixes

Build 98

Added MCLeaks integration
Various bug fixes

Build 97

Huge stability improvements
Added MessageMovement mod
Various bug fixes

Build 96

Added AutomaticBow mod
Trajectories now work in the offset hand
Added Killaura FOV mode
Various bug fixes

Build 95

Codename: The Render Update
Fixed ALL render issues
Different colors for ESP/Tracers
Auto disable bobbing while tracer is on
Various bug fixes