120+ Mods

The Aristois client has over 120 mods and is still growing everyday. With all mods from Flight and Speed to Killaura, Aristois will help you beat everyone in PvP or progress faster in Survival servers and much more.

You can also show your support and donate below, those who donate get over 10 more mods for a one time charge of €8 EUR, that's like 1 mod per 80 cents. Donating also helps this client grow and stay alive, we really appreciate every dollar we recive.


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Up to date

Always up to date

We always try to push out updates to our client as soon as a new Minecraft version comes out. We usually release an update for the mod with support within 2-5 days after a new Minecraft version release. Aristois also has a built-in IRC chat, so you can chat with other people who use this client and ask them for help if you have any questions. Everything is gui based, meaning no typing long and complicated commands to change settings.

Ease of use

Easy to use

We try to make Aristois as simple as possible to use, no complicated commands needed to change any mod settings, there is an IRC so you can ask other people who use this client for help if you're stuck. You can also contact us if you need any help. Everything has a gui, we provide guides on how to use the mod. We also provide 2 guis, you can either choose a tab gui or a full gui. To install Aristois you simply run an installer, just double click the file to install, great if you've never installed a custom client before.

The gui


Aristois has a very beautiful UI built from scratch, it is scalable and has scrolling in the tabs, there is also a tab-gui if you prefer that over a full gui.


Cross platform & Lightweight

Aristois was built from scratch to be as lightweight as possible and as fast as possible, Aristois also works on all platforms PC Minecraft is available on including but not limited to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Aristois also includes an automated installer for Windows & Linux.